Casemaker and Fastcase

Paving the way for Legal Tech

Casemaker and Fastcase have merged, uniting their shared mission to democratize the law. As a student, law librarian, or faculty you can have access to Fastcase throughout your time in school. Click below to register for your Fastcase student account.
What is Fastcase?
More than 1.1 million lawyers nationwide have a subscription to Fastcase's legal research tools. In addition to primary legal research, users will find more than 750 books, treatises, and journals.
Fastcase also integrates with Docket Alarm's briefs, pleadings, and motions database and syncs with America's most popular legal research app, on iOS and Android.
Powerful Legal Research and Analytics
Fastcase and Casemaker are combining to offer a comprehensive set of tools and products. Soon you will see new innovations in our citator, docket analytics, and workflow tools, making the practice of law simpler than ever.
Fastcase Resources
We've compiled a number of helpful links and materials so that you can make a smooth transition to Fastcase.
Fastcase Webinars
Attend a free webinar presented by the Fastcase and Casemaker teams. We'll cover everything from feature deep-dives, Fastcase product overviews, and much more.