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CasemakerX is a free service supported by the Casemaker Bar Consortium and its 475,000 attorney membership consisting of State Bar Associations across the USA. The purpose of CasemakerX is to provide free legal research to law school students and faculty.

Casemaker is a product of Lawriter and Casemaker’s suite of products are provided free to facilitate knowledge discovery in case law, codes and statutes, as well as many other documents. Students and faculty have access to Casemaker for their legal research, which includes CaseCheck+ (Casemaker’s Shepard's/KeyCite like product) and CasemakerDigest (a case alert that provides a first look into the most recent decisions published by the appellate courts) at no cost. To register, click on “Sign Up Now”. School email address must be used (ending in .edu). Once registered, an email is sent with a link to click to activate the account. Students will have access during the summer and for 3 months after they graduate. Once registered, you have access to 50 state libraries and the District of Columbia as well as a very robust federal library. Each state library at a minimum will have access to case law, state codes and constitution. You will have free access to Casemaker legal research plus Casemaker’s Shepard's/KeyCite like product called CaseCheck+ and CasemakerDigest, a case alert product which provides a first look into the most recent decisions published by the appellate courts. CaseCheck+ is new in Casemaker and is not yet available in all states

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