Could you benefit from the advanced legal research tools that have previously been too expensive?

Now you have a new set of tools that evens the playing field. Only CasemakerPRO gives you the legal research tools that can cost thousands of dollars a year at just a fraction of the cost. We guarantee you’ll find CasemakerPRO improves how you do legal research from the very first time you try it.

CaseCheck+™ - Citations

At the center of this bundle of additional products is CaseCheck+, Casemaker’ s negative citator system that rivals West and Lexis. You will know instantly if the case you’re reading is still good law. CaseCheck+ validates your research and identifies whether or not your case law citations are still good law.

CaseCheck+ returns both positive and negative treatments instantly as you research. Link to negative treatments and quickly review the citation history for both state and federal cases.

= good law

= negative treatment

CaseCheck+ works so seamlessly it doesn’t require extra steps to use.

“Casemaker is the only low-cost legal research provider offering a viable alternative to Shepard’s and KeyCite. When Casemaker launched its CaseCheck+ premium citator service, it broke the myth that only high-cost legal research providers could provide a service to identify the current status of a case.”

Michigan Bar Journal

CaseDigest – Stay Current

Keep up with the latest cases in your practice area. Within 12-24 hours of publication, Casemaker editors deliver daily summaries of state and Federal appellate cases. Classified by practice area, choose one, a few, or all, and get just the information you need when you need it.

CaseDigest is available in many jurisdictions, click here to view a list of available states.